Sunday, 14 July 2013

Chapter 1 : Business Driven Technology

What iInformation technology ?

Information technology (IT) is a field concerned with the use of technology in managing and processing information. It means the information nowadays have many and different ways to develop or to spread to the others people and organizations.  It also give many benefits to the human. For example the existence of computer, mobile phone and so on,give the easy ways to human where there can give the information to others through them or keep the data safely.

What is Management Information Systems ?
Management Information Systems  is a business function just as marketing,finance,operations and human resources are business functions. Actually, its also known as department in organizations and each departments are different systems.

This is example of organization with its department

In the IT there are :
  • DATA -raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event.
  • INFORMATION -data converted into a meaningful and useful context.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE -applications and technologies that are used to support decision - making efforts.

IT Culture

 Organizational information cultures include :

  •          Information- functional culture
  •      Information- sharing culture 
  •                Information- inquiring culture
  •       Information- discovery culture

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